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Move Community David Longstaffe
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The media industry trusted photographer and video creator davidlongstaffe.


Stand Out From the Crowd. David Longstaffe Media creates impactful commercial and editorial photography that grabs attention and elevates your brand image.

Why Choose David Longstaffe Media:

Experience:Over 18 Years of Expertise. Since 2006, David Longstaffe has been a trusted partner for businesses and individuals seeking exceptional photography.

Versatility:Studio & Location Specialists. We offer a range of services, from in-studio headshots to dynamic location shoots, to perfectly suit your needs.

Clientele:Trusted by Leading Brands. Our clients include Hello & OK Magazine, Marriott Hotels, Spire Healthcare, Canon, Santander, LFC, EFC.

Technical Expertise:Mastering the Art of Light. David utilizes Profoto lighting and Canon equipment to create stand-out photography that captures every detail.

Client Focus:Your Vision, Our Passion. We collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and deliver photography that exceeds your expectations.


Commercial Photography: Headshots, product photography, corporate events, and more.

Editorial Photography: Fashion shoots, magazine features, and artistic portraits.

Film Production: Short films and video content to complement your photography.

Call to Action:

Schedule a Consultation: “Let’s discuss your project and create stunning visuals that tell your story.




Established in 2006 and with a wealth of experience, David Longstaffe Creative is a commercial fashion photographer, portrait photographer and filming specialist.

Our experience includes coveted events such as London Fashion Week and high-profile projects in Liverpool, Manchester, London and UK wide.





We work with popular publications such as OK Magazine and Hello Magazine, producing images in medium format quality for double page features. David Longstaffe is accustomed to shooting celebrities such as:




Brian McFadden (Westlife)

Bill Roach (Coronation Street)

Laura Norton (Emmerdale)

Charlotte Dawson

Olivia Attwood Dack (Love Island, Olivia Meets Her Match)

Natalie Lowe (BBC Strictly Come Dancing)

Our approach to photographing television and media celebrities is a relaxed affair – we know discretion and privacy is important to you. More often than not, filming and house tours form part of the editorial commission. The resulting online content regularly achieves higher ratings than the printed publications.

NEW Magazine wanted an edgier final product, based on their own approach to celebrity photography. So, we photographed and filmed Molly Smith (Love Island, Influencer) and Callum Jones (Love Island) in their new Manchester home.


Services including

 Photography | Location or Studio

Film | TV Broadcast or Online Outreach

 Shoot only | Client Edit for photo or film

 Photo/Film | Full service for shoot and edit, through to delivery

 Equipment | Multi-camera units and operators for Photography, Film, Lighting and Audio

Studios | We regularly work with Five Four Studios in Manchester, Scale Studio and Space Studio in Liverpool.

Shoot Size | Anything from half-day single operator to several days multi-operators

Who We Work With

 Television Companies | BBC, ITV, C4, C5, Sky


 Celebrity Agents

Public Relation Companies

Private Individuals


We understand location is key to create the best images. So, we have a bank of partners and contacts we regularly work with to secure the best surroundings for you.


Get in touch to chat through your photography and film concepts.

Longstaffe Media Group Call 07977 738541

How to Build a Successful Photography Business: Lessons from Longstaffe Media

In Liverpool, Longstaffe Media’s journey from a one-man freelancer to a full-service creative agency is a testament to David Longstaffe’s dedication and the ever-evolving media landscape. This page outlines key takeaways for aspiring photographers looking to build their own successful business.

From Corporate Escape to Creative Freedom

David’s story starts in the corporate world, where a yearning for creative freedom propelled him towards a career change. This highlights the importance of passion and purpose as driving forces for success.

Learning Through Collaboration

David’s initial foray into the creative industry involved collaborating with graphic designers. This emphasizes the value of collaboration and knowledge sharing in professional development.

Building a Skillset: A Lifelong Pursuit

David’s journey from no photography experience to selling internationally showcases the power of continuous learning. It’s important to embrace new skills and adapt to evolving industry demands.

Customer Service: The Cornerstone of Growth

Longstaffe Media’s commitment to in-house services and fast turnaround times underscores the significance of exceptional customer service in building a loyal clientele.

Embrace Change and Diversification

The company’s expansion from photography to video and web design exemplifies the need to diversify in a dynamic media landscape.


 Invest in Yourself and Your Business

Longstaffe Media’s continuous investment in equipment, facilities, and data security highlights the importance of strategic investment in growth.

Embrace Challenges and Opportunities

The success story during the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates the ability to adapt to challenges and transform them into opportunities.

The Road Ahead

Longstaffe Media’s continued investment aligns with Liverpool’s booming film industry, underlining the importance of staying relevant to market trends.


Longstaffe Media’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring photographers. By focusing on passion, continuous learning, exceptional service, and strategic adaptation, you can build a successful and thriving photography business.

Liverpool Based Services

Longstaffe Media offers a comprehensive range of creative services in Liverpool, including:

  • Photography
  • Video Production
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • Print Services

Ready to take your photography business to the next level? Contact Longstaffe Media today!

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